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Body regenerator Massage “Holisane ”
    • 66.98€
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Massage percussion from the technique of shiatsu. 3 sets of accessories for different massages. Ideal for back massage. Suitable for all areas of the body. A professional beauty and well being of the body. 

It stimulates the acupuncture points to influence the essential factors of the vital balance and beauty of a silhouettte. He fight against fat clusters and stimulates the skin and found that its flexibility and shine. Supplied with 3 different sets of two balls swing. Each pair density is different for a specific use. Hard balls: they refine the parts of the body that need it most, thanks to pressure pivoting on loaded areas capitons. Medium-sized bowls: revigorent and they relax the muscles before and after sports. Balls flexible massage acupuncture to ease pain. Very effective in the fight against the evil of the century, back pain. 220 Volt.

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