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Médicura - Set Manucure - Pedicure
    • 40.67€
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Apparatus for the care pedicure and manicure at home. It heals and beautifies nails, feet and hands in true professionals. 

Last novelty, a small marvel of electronics, Medicure, designed for the beauty of the hands and feet, offers a wide range of accessories 12 in total: 2 discs fine grain, coarse grain for filing nails thick and drives. 2 discs large models fine grain and coarse grain for sanding hard and thick horns. 4 limes: tapered edge, rounded conical rounded conical tip wide. 2 accessories cuticles: Pushing cuticle, can cut the cuticles, 1 polishing disk, rounding and nail polishes, 1 brushes that cleans and polishes nails. 2 rotation speeds and 2. Integrated drying system. Stylish design, aluminum color, compact, lightweight. Operates on 220 volt. 50 Hz 500 mA.

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