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Straps Massage on Feet Glace
    • 350€
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Top of Slimming Massage. When the massage systems become prestigious decoration. Firming, toning, massage, relaxation, hips, height, buttocks, thighs, back. 

Clever and powerful set of massage equipment to refine your silhouette slim and tone your muscles and relax. The strap of massage and relaxation Holisane gives you many benefits and total well-being, the way of a physical therapist at home. Several methods of massage: kneading, pounding, rolling, vague mass ... on all parts of corps.Agréable feeling of muscle relaxation, escape stress, relaxation and relaxation. Also the fight against back pain, insomnia, circulation problems sanguine.Livrée with 3 belts massage: relaxing massage - massage minceur - double anti capitons belt. Belts slide up and down the body so the whole body massage. 6 levels of intensity.

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