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Ultratone Facial Plus
    • 347€
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From the latest technology Ultratone, the Facial Plus performs a facelift on all the muscles of the face and cou.Il helps to regenerate skin tissue, promotes the production of collagen and elastin, accelerates cell renewal. 
Its programs rééquilibrent the circulatory system and lymphatique.Programme 1: 
micro current to improve the penetration of creams DNA, rejuvenate skin and eliminate wrinkles. Program 2: Lifting without surgery to perform a facelift on all facial muscles. Program 3: Drainage for a soft and smooth skin while reducing toxins and impurities from the skin. Program 4: Anti-age and maintenance to maintain and improve results by providing a complete facial rejuvenation. 
Supplied in a luxury box Blue with 2 products: a Hydrating Gel Cream and DNA. 
Works with a 9 Volt battery. 

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